One artist promotes kindness with art around Vermont

 DJ Barry
DJ Barry (WCAX)
Published: Jul. 28, 2017 at 8:45 AM EDT
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With precision, patience and some artistic ability, a wood board will slowly morph into a chimpanzee that the artist named Murray.

DJ Barry is a full time artist and says it takes him about 10 hours to finish every cut out he creates.

Barry says he credits his love for street art big cities with displays.

"I love street art, I love public art and it allows me to engage with community," said Barry.

You may have seen his creations around Vermont, especially in the last month.

He started a new project during the Fourth of July weekend.

Barry said, "I'm spending probably 50 dollars to make it and I'm not getting anything because it's free."

A classic piece of his art usually earns him hundreds of dollars. Now it's being left out in the open for strangers to find without paying him for it.

"There is a price; it's free under one condition, you decide to do one good thing for the world," said Barry.

He calls it an acts of kindness project. If you are the lucky person to stumble upon his cut out creations, you can keep it then pay it forward.

Barry told Channel 3, "I was thinking very small, but the first couple who found it were thinking of donating to charity and doing something bigger than that."

To find the artwork all over Vermont, you can get clues from Barry's Facebook page. Click here for more information:>

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