Online security experts warn of new email scam

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NEW YORK (CBS) Caleb Barlow and the "X-Force" team at IBM in Cambridge, Massachusetts are tracking scammers all over the world.

"We collect about 35 million spam messages a day, we track bots, we look for all kinds of malicious activity," Barlow said.

And this season, they've spotted a new scam called "Trickbot." Consumers and businesses are getting emails that appear to be sent from reputable accounting, tax and payroll forms or people you may trust, like an accountant.

IBM's Etay Maor teaches people how to prevent and recognize hacks. He says these emails come with attachments that can infect your computer with malware.

"Unfortunately... people still click on emails and links that they're not familiar with or shouldn't be doing which is why these tricks still work and are still out there," Maor said.

A simple click can give scammers access to your computer.

"What they're waiting for you to do is go to your bank account. And they're gonna capture your credentials as you log into your bank account," Barlow explained.

Barlow says there are ways to spot a fake email.

Caleb Barlow: What do you notice about this email that's a little off?
Reporter: Dot-email instead of dot-com.
Caleb Barlow: Exactly. It should be paychex-dot-com but if you zoom it here, it looks like it's coming from paychex-dot-email.

His advice: If you're not sure, don't click.

And experts say simple mistakes can add up. These types of attacks annually cost taxpayers at least $1.5 billion.