Out of this world project launched in the North Country

Published: Apr. 29, 2019 at 3:44 PM EDT
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A North Country nonprofit wants to teach you more about outer space. Our Kelly O'Brien spent the day at the Adirondack Sky Center to see how.

"Astronomy is an inspiring science. People love to know about the solar system and what's happening in the world," said Kara Page, the project manager for the Astro-Science Center Museum and Planetarium.

Hidden in Tupper Lake is something out of this world.

"We are in this little circle of darkness," said Seth McGowan the vice president of the Adirondack Sky Center.

Skies so dark it makes a black hole in a sea of light, bringing travelers near and far for what astronomers say is the best night view east of the Mississippi.

"They will never be able to see the kinds of things we see here," McGowan said.

The Adirondack Sky Center in Tupper Lake offers a galactic learning environment for all ages

"Very few K through 12 students in this country get adequate astronomy and space science information in school and even fewer adults," Page said.

That lack of knowledge is fuel for the sky center's desire to expand. The nonprofit took off in 2003 and hopes to build an Astro-Science center museum and planetarium on the same grounds as their observatory, something you don't see often.

"There are some observatories, there are some planetariums but it's the pairing of the two that will make us unique," McGowan said.

They have the dream of what it will look like and now are working to make it a reality.

"We now have $1 million in state funding," Page said.

It will take $15 million to complete this project.

"We're not going to build this from the generosity of the Tupper Lake community. This will take a heavy lift both from state money, federal money, if possible, but also private donations." McGowan said.

If all the stars align, the project will be complete by 2024.

"We do hope that people will respond and see the need and join along for the ride," Page said.