Pittsford CBD store giving out free samples

PITTSFORD, Vt. (WCAX) A local CBD store in Pittsford is giving away free CBD products.

We're told VT Terps is giving away free samples of their products every Saturday for the next month due to an overabundance of products with the pandemic limiting sales.

On Saturday, they handed out more than 100 samples in less than three hours. They say most of their customers are older Vermonters who were in need of CBD products. The company's Chris Porter says multiple customers needed CBD for aches and pains and the responses from happy customers ensured they'd continue with the giveaway.

"Huge response, everyone was very happy," Porter said. "We've already had a couple of responses this morning saying that they liked the product, so that's all I can ask for."

Due to how quickly they ran out of free samples, they plan to hand out close to 150 samples next weekend.