Owner demands answers after dogs dumped in Wolcott

WOLCOTT, Vt. (WCAX) Heartbreak for a couple in Lamoille County-- their beloved dogs that went missing were found dead. Now, police are investigating it as a case of animal cruelty. Our Christina Guessferd is looking into the case and spoke with the family.

A local fisherman told police he found the two dogs' bodies over a guardrail. It's a remote pull-off in Wolcott overlooking the Tamarack Brook. The owner of a house just up the road says it's a place where people frequently dump their trash.

Now, the owner of those dogs says he just wants answers and justice for Tyler and Casper.

"It's just like losing a kid, which we've been through," D.J. Peters said.

Peters and his partner were already grieving the loss of their baby girl; now, they're heartbroken again. Tyler, who has been by Peters' side for the last 13 years and by his daughter's for her whole life.

"Our daughter, she's only 15 months, but, like last night, she's outside and she's looking for him, trying to find out where they are," Peters said.

Tyler and 3-year-old Casper have been laid to rest outside the family's Albany home. Peters says they both got along very well with people and other animals.

"All my neighbors know the dogs, know they're friendly. I don't like to hook them. I don't like seeing them on a chain all the time and they never really went far, so I usually just let them run around," Peters said.

But Peters says the inseparable pair would never explore for more than a couple hours at a time. So, he knew something was wrong last Wednesday morning when he saw their full food bowls hadn't been touched since the day before.

"We called a lot of the shelters and places around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday," Peters said. "Nobody had seen them."

Until a friend showed him a Facebook post Saturday morning that a pair of dogs' bodies were discovered on the side of that remote road in Wolcott. Tyler and Casper were finally found. Peters says it appeared their bodies had been lying there for days. Now, police say they need your help to figure out what happened.

"Anybody who lives in the area of Town Hill Road in Wolcott or Vermont Route 14 in Albany that may have seen or heard anything, we just ask that they reach out to us," Vt. State Tpr. Mark Pohlman said.

Police say they do not yet know how the dogs died or when because it's still early in the investigation.