Owners of Dover eatery plan to rebuild following weekend fire

DOVER, Vt. (WCAX) Tropical Storm Irene destroyed Dot's Restaurant in Wilmington several years ago. Over the weekend, the family's other eatery in the area was leveled by fire.

Courtesy: Brattleboro Reformer

"Dot's Too" in West Dover caught fire early Sunday morning. The fire started in the back of the restaurant, but firefighters say they are still investigating the cause. It is a total loss.

Betsey Reagan opened the restaurant 21 years ago. Before that, she worked for her mother at Dot's in Wilmington.

"I watched kids grow up in here. I watched myself grow up in here. I have a lot of personal items -- my uncle's flags, his trains. You know, this is my home," Reagan said.

The building was insured and the owners say they plan to rebuild. A few of the 10 employees have already been offered new jobs in the area.