Paddle race across Lake Champlain and back

Published: Jul. 8, 2018 at 7:20 PM EDT
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Boats filled with teams from around New England lined the shore of Lake Champlain for the 22nd Lake Champlain Challenge Race. That included Emily Webber who called up her friends for the adventure.

“I am getting my high school gang back together,” said Webber.

She said her gang hasn’t rowed together since high school, but they were confident at the start of Sunday's race.

“I’m feeling pumped up! I am really competitive, I really want to win,” said teammate and friend Eva Kamman.

The boaters started from the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum and completed the three mile race by going across the lake to the New York border and back. The race had almost one hundred participants using only human powered vessels. 6-person row boats led the way, while others in kayaks and canoes followed behind.

“If you can move it, you can enter it into the race,” said organizer Nick Patch who says the goal of the annual event is to get people out on the water, no matter how serious they take the race.

“This is about fun and it's about competition, you can take it as serious as you want,” said Patch.

The race for bragging rights helps keep these friends together in a sport they grew up competing in.

“I just like the thrill of it being out in the race and the adrenaline pumping, I really like that,” said Kamman.

“The community keeps me from coming back, people here are really awesome,” said Webber.

After the race these boaters were exhausted, but happy they finished even if it wasn't as easy as they remember.

“I always think before the race this is going to be awesome and after the race it was awesome, but during it is a little different story,” said Kamman.