Parts of Johnson under water

Flood warnings remained in effect Saturday evening. Earlier in the day Saturday, parts of Johnson were under water.

"The struggle is you know what has been damaged, can we keep it from getting worse by the freezing," said homeowner Mark Woodward.

Woodward has rented out his red house on Route 15 in Johnson since 1986. He has seen floods over the years but says something about this one was different.

"I've never had so little time to get people out and to prepare," Woodward said.

Other Johnson residents had minor flooding in their back.

"We were not prepared at all. The river was pretty open last night but we kind of suspected that it would get clogged up with ice. Just not this quick," said Kathleen Touchet and Johnson Connor Bronstead.

Woodward spent the day clearing out the six feet of water in his basement. His property wasn't the only place damaged by flooding. An ice jam on the Lamoille River caused water to spill its banks, flooding Sterling Market on Main Street.

"I think Sterling Market will do fine you know. I think that they'll get that cleaned out," said Woodward.

Officials working inside the building say water was up to their knees.

"With an ice damn it's very very rapid we were surprised at how quickly this happened," said Johnson's Emergency Management Director Eric Osgood.

Osgood said they have seen the worst of flooding. Cleanup had already begun early Saturday afternoon.

"Obviously it's not a good situation going into the really cold evenings were going to have," Osgood said.

The full extent of the damages in this community is still being determined. But, Woodward said it is an expensive storm.

"A new furnace for $15,000 new hot water heater a couple thousand dollars and probably lost rent so you know $15,000 to $20,000 at the end of the day," he said.