Passengers wait for flights at Burlington Airport

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Sunday's storm caused trouble at the Burlington airport, stranding some passengers.

Grounded flights forced passengers to spread out on the couches.

“Almost 24 hours in a row already,” said Oregon resident Anthony Durso who has been trying to make it back home, but mother nature is getting in his way.

“A little lonely. I think a lot people got hotels, but just been hanging out here,” said Durso who sleeping on the couches at the airport.

And he's not the only one stuck.

“I’m supposed to be on a flight to Toronto,” said Sarah Bortz of St, Albans who says her flight was canceled Saturday night. she stayed in a hotel, but she spent her Sunday morning unsure of how she will get to the final destination.

“My birthday is on Tuesday and i can't change that - can't redo the trip for another time,” said Durso.

College student Joseph Kern knows that this winter storm might mean missing class in Chicago.

“A little worried, but nothing you can do about it,” said Kern

Gene Richards is the Director of aviation at the Burlington International Airport. He says most of the flights were cancelled at the airport Sunday, but crews are working hard to keep the runway clear.

“Tomorrow we will be back to what we consider a normal flow,” said Richards.

Till then it's all up in the air for passengers like Durso.

“I'll just stay here, maybe even two nights maybe even who knows who knows how long I’ll have to,”

How long he stays, that's up to Old Man winter.