Pasteurization to instrumentation

Published: Jan. 26, 2020 at 9:39 AM EST
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The Kingdom All Stars are an independent, non-profit group of Northeast Kingdom students, grades five through twelve. We met them last month during a recording session in Barnet.

John Heartson owns and runs that studio. He's worked with a number of local artists Grammy nominated Celtic and Folk musician, Steve Schuch. From the moment he first heard The Beatles in stereo, Heartson was hooked.

Today, he's helping other musicians achieve that same feeling. His studio space used for instrumentation was once known for pasteurization.

Since the early 80's, John Heartson has been taking notes as an audio engineer and producer.

John Heartson said, "Some people like playing with mud and clay and paint, I like to play with sound and it keeps your hands clean too."

A musician himself, Heartson opened up a home recording studio in 1988, in Lebanon, New Hampshire. He left the business for a while, but returned years later, and in 2007, bought a former creamery in Barnet that had been sitting vacant for years.

"It was a dump," said Heartson. "Yes, it was caving in almost."

Heartson produced another hit, this time turning a run down building into a state of the art recording studio, Dreamery Productions.

Stephen Davie, a musician who works with Heartson said, "This is so Vermont. Not only is the studio here, but you've got somebody as brilliant at doing it who's here too."

Don Sinclair has been working with Heartson off and on for close to a decade.

"He's easy to work with. He knows his stuff and his ears are like ridiculous. For singers it must make them nuts, because he hears every little flaw and he'll let you know if you want to know," said Don Sinclair.

"I want to be really happy with it, because I have to live with it," Heartson said. "My name is on there too and I want my customers to just be thrilled with what they've produced. It's a permanent record of something they've created in their life, so it's got to be great."

A Northeast Kingdom producer, who is constantly getting an earful, but loving every beat-per-minute of it.