Pea planting time!

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) There are things you have to plant now-- like peas! You need to plant them now so they'll mature before it gets too hot in the summer. You don't want to plant them too early if the soil is too wet with puddles of water everywhere. If it's mud, yes. But if you have a raised bed and it's pretty well-drained but nice and saturated because of all of the rain we've had, then you can plant. Next week we'll have beautiful weather, of course!

Now is the perfect time to do it. On your raised bed, create two rows like you just expertly did. Put a trellis in the middle of the rows. You want to put a trellis up for any varieties that are going to get taller than 2-feet tall. Then soak your pea seeds overnight in warm water. This starts the germination process and gives them a head start.

They will be less likely to rot in the soil, too. Plant your peas about an inch or two deep, and about an inch or two apart... so, pretty tightly. Then you just cover them up with some soil and keep them really well-watered.

The other thing you can do is use all of this space outside of the pea rows, and plant lettuces and radishes. Just sprinkle those here, too, so you can have multiple veggies growing in the same bed. You can grow these veggies now, too. Gotta love those cold crops!

~by Charlie Nardozzi