Pesky potholes open up as temperatures rise and fall

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Potholes are giving drivers in our region a tough time on the roads.

"You have to be extra cautious, I suppose, and pay attention so you don't smash into one," said Nick Novine of Burlington.

"I avoid any water that you see on the road if I could," said Emnia Karic of South Burlington.

But sometimes you just can't steer clear.

"This has been an issue for years, as long as roads have been around," said Dan Shepard of VTrans.

Shepard says potholes come from the frozen roads thawing, then rain getting in the cracks of the roads. That creates a pothole when the surface freezes again.

"The cars going over it create more of a mess and bigger holes within the pavement," Shepard said.

This year's up and down weather with repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles caused even more issues on the roads, from the interstate to Burlington's South End.

"We are getting more rains and warm up earlier than we have in the past," Shepard said.

Crews say they have been to potholes once, even twice to put those temporary fixes on them. But with winter still here, drivers need to be extra diligent when driving.

"We have done the Winooski River bridge three times, I believe, this year," Shepard said.

He says the temporary fixes will continue until the freeze-thaw cycle ends.

"The way the cycle has been going with the rains, the cold, the thaws-- it will eventually get underneath the repairs the crews have done," Shepard said.

He says more permanent repairs will have to wait for summer. Something that drivers are looking forward to.

"I understand it's still winter," Karic said. "I hope they fix it."