Pets with Potential: Meet Mila and Ishmael

Published: Jul. 13, 2019 at 9:16 AM EDT
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Last week we introduced you to Millie- the spunky fourteen-year-old cat. She has not been adopted yet, so visit the Chittenden County Humane Society if you're interested in making her one of your family members.

This week meet two bunnies who look like slippers. Olivia Lyons is joined by Triana Kozak. These little stuffies came in together just a few weeks ago.

Ismael is actually a return rabbit for us. He was adopted out to be best friends with Mila, and they definitely are. They bonded very, very quickly in their home.

Unfortunately, their owner wasn't able to care for them anymore so they both came in to find their next adventure. They are fantastic rabbits. They truly love each other and they really like to be around people as well.

With rabbits, they definitely require some extra attention and care.These guys are very clean with their space here, so you could definitely do some work with them becoming house rabbits. They could do some jumping around while you're hanging out with them, maybe watching TV or lounging around on the couch. Any family that is looking for two furry companions with a little extra space would fit them well.

They will require extra grooming by ensuring that they don't have any knots, snarls, or mats in their hair, because that can become very uncomfortable for them, very quickly. When you're hanging out with them, making sure that you're petting them and there isn't anything going on, and if there is, definitely giving them a nice soft brush with either a rabbit comb or a cat comb would work.

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