Pets with Potential: Meet Mystique

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) My name is Triana Kozak and I am here to introduce this week's pet with potential. Her name is Mystique and she is just as mysterious as her name is.

She is a one-year old spayed female. She came from an area that had lots of kitties outdoors, so she isn't the most social cat.

Mystique is actually part of our Barn Cat Program. It's a little different than our regular adoption program. It's a free adoption fee and we're actually looking for an alternative living condition for her. She's not your typical house cat. She probably wouldn't appreciate to be indoors being picked up, being loved all the time. She would prefer a more independent lifestyle where she might be able to go outside on a more regular basis. She can catch her mice and she can do a lot of her mousing activities. Barns are a really great placement for a kitty like her. We've also seen breweries, we've seen flower shops, all sorts of different conditions would be a really great, safe place for her to live. We're really just looking for shelter from the elements outdoors, someone that would feed her regularly and provide her with any veterinary care that she would need in the future.

Mystique is just one of our barn cats available today. We have a lot of them listed right now on our website, if you're interested. You can come by and meet Mystique, or any of our other barn cats today from 10 to 4 PM.