Pets with Potential: Meet Seymour

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SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Seymour is a neutered, 13-year-old male and he is obviously very large. He's 27 pounds to be exact. He is on a diet, he's looking to lose a little bit of weight, and he's been doing great. Overall, he is really great cat.

Seymour has lived with dogs and cats and he has done well with them. He would most likely prefer to be with animals who would respect his space, since he can't get too far. He is also de-clawed in the front, and he does have a little bit of arthritis, probably due to his size. Seymour takes some daily medications that are really easy to give to help him through his arthritis pain.

Fatty liver disease is essentially when a cat stops eating for a long period of time. Their fat will start to build up in their livers and they can pass fairly quickly from this. So, a cat like Seymour, who is definitely a little bit over weight, is at higher risk for fatty liver disease, if he stops eating. It is really important that he is eating something regularly, even if he is on a diet. Plus, the stress of the shelter has been rough on him, so he has been really picky with his diet, which is not great with his form. But, he is a really awesome cat.