Photo of dad changing baby’s diaper in public restroom goes viral

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NEW YORK (CBS) A diaper company's recent survey found 90 percent of dads have gone into a public bathroom without a baby changing table. That was the case for one Florida father, who took to social media to call attention to the problem and is now fighting for change.

This is the moment, where everything in my life took a change, a turn," said Donte Palmer.

In that moment, inside a restaurant bathroom, the Jacksonville father of three says an everyday challenge for dads became his new mission.

Reporter Kenneth Craig: What's it been like?
Donte Palmer: It's been mind-blowing. I posted the picture to get reaction from family and friends... The next morning is when my wife woke me up and said check your phone.

The photo shows Palmer improvising to change his 1-year-old's diaper because the men's bathroom had no changing table. "I just got in my perfect man squat, threw my son over my lap, and began to change him," Palmer said.

The post went viral and soon dads across the world joined the conversation. Lance Somerfeld organizes meetups through the website He and the other fathers say it's nearly impossible to find a restroom with a changing table. "I end up changing a diaper on a park bench, usually on the floor because it's the safest place," Somerfeld said.

Palmer has joined forces with Pampers, which has also partnered with singer-songwriter John Legend on a new effort to install 5,000 public changing tables across North America.

But for Palmer it's about so much more.

Reporter Kenneth Craig: This isn't just about changing a baby's diaper.
Donte Palmer: No, it's about changing the narrative. It's about changing the image of what a father looks like.

A hands-on parent whose role goes beyond the breadwinner.