Pin up calendar update

Published: Nov. 23, 2019 at 9:37 AM EST
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We're following up on a story we first brought to you in early August. A woman living with Chronic Lyme Disease has now raised 7-grand for Non Profit, Vermont Lyme, by selling her Vermont-pin-up girl Calendars.

For more than a decade, Julie Gagnon Prior has been living in constant pain with headaches and the inability to feel certain sensations on her skin. She went undiagnosed with Lyme disease after finding a tick in the back of her neck in 2008.

The Vermont pin-up girl calendar features Julie in a different pose for each month. There's also valuable information on Lyme Disease in the 10 dollar calendars.

Since we last spoke to Julie, she has raised 3-thousand more towards the cause.

Stores like Robinson's Hardware in South Hero, where the calendars are selling fast, have been more than supportive.

Julie Gagnon Prior says, "It's the biggest sense of community I've ever experienced or seen and if you think about the money that I've made, $7,000 and $10 a pop for the calendars, and the vast majority of that has been from business and word of mouth through these people in the islands. How is that not beautiful?”

"Some lady from Plattsburgh came over. She heard about Julie and Vermont Lyme and came over and bought 10 calendars. We're all pretty grateful and very excited about it,” says Kathy Robinson.

If you need a calendar for the new year, Julie plans on selling them through December with the goal of raising a total of 10,000 dollars for Vermont Lyme.