Plainfield votes to remove 'No Skateboarding' signs

Published: Dec. 18, 2017 at 12:48 PM EST
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Residents in a Vermont town have pushed local officials to take down "No Skateboarding" signs that they say send the wrong message about the town.

Two signs were installed in Plainfield after some people complained about skateboarders riding in the street. Select Board Chairwoman Betsy Ziegler tells The Times Argus the signs were supposed to encourage people not to skateboard down steep routes that could be dangerous.

However, some argued the signs implied skateboarding wasn't allowed in the town at all. Resident Jenni Belotserkovsky created a petition Dec. 6 against the signs that has received 130 signatures.

Belotserkovsky previously said the town should focus on more significant traffic issues such as speeding.

The town's select board voted last week to remove the signs at an undisclosed date.

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