Plans developing for new South Burlington library

Published: Mar. 11, 2018 at 7:21 PM EDT
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South Burlington is finalizing plans for a new city hall building.

The new space would also be home to the South Burlington library, which is temporarily located in the University Mall. The new building is slated to be built off Market Street. The public had the chance to choose their favorite design over the weekend. There are three main plans, but officials say they could combine aspects of each into one plan. Some standout features in all of the designs are a kid’s area, a space for teens, natural light and plenty of meeting space.

“Our effort here is to allow the public some input. We are taking a lot of comments, we have over the past month met with several groups. [We’re] really looking to understand what the city is desiring what will meet their needs and what we can best fit that,” said Vice President of Wiemann Lamphere Architects Steven Roy.

The project will be paid for through tax increment financing. Officials will present the final proposal to the public at a meeting Tuesday night.