Plattsburgh Town puts final touches on dog park

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MORRISONVILLE, N.Y. (WCAX) The Town of Plattsburgh and Schuyler Falls will soon have a new dog park.

Workers from the town of Plattsburgh have been out recently to set up fence posts in the new dog park that will be in Morrisonville. The hamlet is split between the two towns, and the dog park will have two fenced in areas. Casella donated $10,000 for the park to be put together.

"The big part of it right now is certainly getting that fence up for the small dog section and the large dog section, but we're also gonna be putting a number of play features there," said Michael Cashman, Plattsburgh Town Supervisor.

Casella also trucked in a load of items for the park including large stones, pipes, and tires for the dogs to play around. The park also will have a man made pond for the dogs to swim in. There is no set date for the park to open, and they say it depends on the weather for the rest of the summer.