Plattsburgh asks city residents to help with rebranding

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The city of Plattsburgh is looking for your help in marketing and branding.

Some $250,000 of the city's $10 million downtown revitalization initiative is meant for banners in the city.

City leaders have taken the idea to residents and local business owners.

The idea is to have banners around the city showcasing different themes. What are the themes? That's for the community to decide.

The city has asked residents to take a survey and describe a theme the city fits for them. So far, they have had 200 submissions and they want more.

"In downtown, we have so much to offer. We have great restaurants, we have such great events going and I think having such a great cohesive strategy and branding to put that out there and drawing those visitors to come into downtown and experience those things and they will eventually keep coming back. So, it's really about showing off what we have and attracting visitors to come here," said Scott Matthews, Plattsburgh's city engagement coordinator.

The survey closes Wednesday, so you better get your ideas in quick! Click here to check it out.