Plattsburgh businesses consider impact of new e-cigarette ban

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Vermont banned the smoking of e-cigarette's indoors back in 2016, now New York is adding themselves to the list.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new law forcing electronic cigarettes to comply with New York's Clean Indoor Air Act. It essentially means you can't vape anywhere you can't smoke tobacco.

"It's for a healthier community -- a lot of people can just switch to a healthier habit but it's for people to quit smoking as a basic device," said Earl Dahl, the owner of Plattsburgh Vape Company. He opened his doors about six months ago but has been in the business for six years. He says he's okay with this law it as long as it doesn't affect his business. "As long as I sell more than 75-percent of nicotine products you are allowed to vape in the store," he said.

He says the shop isn't anti-regulation, they just want to create a place people can vape together and try out new products. "It makes a safe environment here where they can use their vape product, Dahl said.

Chris Duquette, the owner of Duke's Diner, says he's never had a problem with vaping in his diner but it brought him back to when they banned smoking inside restaurants. "When that law passed, business definitely did change. I lost a lot of those people because it was basically their smoke break and eat break at the same time," he said.

Both owners could agree on one thing -- courtesy. They say nobody wants to be out and get smoke blown in their face, especially if you're not a smoker. "You know if I go to a local bar or local restuarant and have dinner, obviously there are some places allowing it, but a majority I don't think ever did," Duquette said.

"There needs to be a mutual respect when I'm eating my food I don't want people to blow vape on my food that I'm eating, so it's a perfectly reasonable idea that it's not in a restaurant," Dahl said. He says he's proud of his customers for already being respectful to the non-vaping community. "Theres a lot of mutual respect, and as long as we keep that the community will be good."