Plattsburgh clinic offers new treatments for chronic back pain

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Suffering with chronic pain can do a lot to a person -- doctors cite depression, weight gain, and a change in personality among other changes. Our Kelly O'Brien went to the Champlain Spine and Pain Management's new Surgical Pain Center in Plattburgh, where patients say they come in with pain and leave the same day feeling like a new person.

"For two to three years I couldn't do anything," said Jeff Boren, a chronic pain patient.

Boren says has been on disability since 2002 when he suffered a work related injury at Bombardier. "I bent over to pick something up and I heard it -- felt it go like a zipper, right up my back. I blew seven disks out, one day." That injury left him in chronic pain, unable to move and live life like he used to. "It was crippling."

It was 2005 when he met Dr. Thierry Bonabesse. "It's been a life changer," Boren said. "Our specialty really focuses on trying to figure out where the source of pain is," Dr. Boneabesse said.

Over the last 15 years, he has offered pain relief procedures at Champlain Spine and Pain Management. This past January he opened a new office -- Surgical Pain Center of the Adirondacks. "Injection and surgery -- we are trying to keep it as minimally invasive as possible," Dr. Boneabesse said.

His work has gained attention, offering procedures like Vertiflex, or being one of 14 doctors worldwide offering the Discseel procedure.

"There is no reason why Plattsburgh has to be the last place to get new technology. There is no reason why we can't bring people to Plattsburgh so they can get the best treatment that you can't get anywhere," Dr. Boneabesse said.

Vertiflex is a small implant that opens the space between lumbar vertebrae and Discseel essentially is an injection that seals around a disc and regenerates it, alleviating the pain.

"People can come in, have the procedure done in 30 minutes, maybe an hour at most, and they can walk home and the outcomes are just as good if not better than surgery," Dr. Boneabesse said.

Boren says he's seen many fixes for his back but none have helped like the Discseel. "I don't use a cane anymore, I've dropped 25 pounds," he said, as well as being virtually pain free. "This has allowed me to get back to having a life."