Plattsburgh protesters call on Stefanik to visit southern border

Published: Jul. 2, 2019 at 4:28 PM EDT
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Dozens of protesters gathered at Plattsburgh's Government Center Tuesday to push the U.S. to close immigration detainment camps at the southern border.

Messages on placards included statements about inhumane living conditions in the camps including lack of showers.

Rabbi David Kominsky with Temple Beth Israel, called the detention centers concentration camps and said the situation resembled Germany in the 1930s. "Concentration camps did not start as death camps, some of them never were death camps. These are concentration camps on American soil, in our name. We are imprisoning children and adults without taking proper care of them. Shame, shame, shame," he said.

Protestors also called on Congresswomen Elise Stefanik to use her 4th of July break to travel to the border to see the conditions asylum seekers are living in. They are also urging area residents to write to Stefanik's office.

Demonstrations were also held on Chuch St. in Burlington.

Many held signs against detaining families or keeping kids in cages.

The advocacy group Migrant Justice says this hot button issue needs to be handled now.

"There's a lot of hate toward the migrant community right now," Organizer at Migrant Justice Abel Luna said. "In order to have human rights, you have to be creative. And that's why Migrant Justice is continuing to do the work we're doing, organizing and trying to raise awareness."