Plattsburgh vs. Plattsburgh: City sues town over money

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) The city of Plattsburgh is suing Plattsburgh Town in a fight over money.

Mayor Colin Read announced Tuesday afternoon that the city of Plattsburgh plans to follow through with a lawsuit against the town of Plattsburgh. At issue-- a revenue-sharing agreement the city and town entered into with the Falcon Seaboard power plant.

The city says its lawyer found that the town breached its contract with the city and owes the city about $1.3 million plus interest.

Town Supervisor Michael Cashman unapologetically said he did not think that was true. He says the town has paid the city everything it was owed since the 1992 agreement was signed.

"Mayor Read on numerous occasions has simply misrepresented the facts regarding the town's willingness to meet and provide documents. Nevertheless, the town, having nothing to hide, has provided all documents requested by the city and went to the table to discuss the facts," Cashman said.

City lawyer Bill Owens tells WCAX News this case could take years.

The town is sticking by its claim that it did nothing wrong. Cashman said the city should drop it or we'll see you in court.