Plexiglass installers see boom in 'sneeze guards'

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 5:06 PM EDT
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Many businesses are installing sneeze guards to keep workers and customers safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The resulting surge in demand for plexiglass and other barriers has been keeping some local businesses busy.

Glass companies like Worley's Glass Worx say business is booming. "We've never had the protocols for sneeze guards to the effect of what we're seeing now," said Shon Worley, the company's owner.

He says finding the product needed to make these barriers was a challenge at the start. He chose to donate the supplies he did have back to businesses in the community so they wouldn't have to go without. "I really tried to help out the community I belong in and for what little bit it cost me, it was worth to give back," Worley said.

Chris Demers with Adams Glass says they stocked up on the product as much as they could when they first saw the demand. "The need for that is actually been good to help fill in some of the voids that the shutdown has created on other projects," he said.

Demers says prices can range on what customers are looking for in the product. A thinner more temporary barrier would be cheaper than a thicker, long-lasting one. He says they also offer custom designs if a business needs it.

"I would say that any physical barrier is your ultimate form of defense," said Dr. Ashley Burnotas, a general practitioner at Plattsburgh Family Health. He says the barriers are one of the many ways, like masks, to protect someone from coronavirus or any droplet transmitted virus. "They block out any form of droplet that can come out from any form of mask, whether the person is wearing it correctly or not."

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