Police: Death of Winooski mother suspicious

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WINOOSKI, Vt. (WCAX) Williston Police are now calling the death of a local woman over the weekend suspicious, but have provided no answers about how she died.

Police on Wednesday said that when they arrived at the Audet Street apartment of 28-year-old Hannah Keyes Saturday for a welfare check, they found the front door was slightly cracked open. They won't say where she was found inside but do say that there was nothing suspicious -- no weapons or wounds.

Keyes' two children were inside the apartment when police arrived. They have been medically cleared by DCF and are in the custody of a family member. Neighbors say that Keyes' fiance lived at the house as well. Police say they have not had contact with him.

As of yet, Winooski Police continue to lead the investigation and have not ruled the death a homicide.

State police told WCAX that they received a call at 7:13 a.m. Sunday morning from Winooski Police to dispatch their crime scene truck, but less then 40 minutes later called back and cancelled the request. Winooski Police officials said they never officially requested the help.

Most of the homes in the neighborhood are older with residents who grew up in the homes they're living in now. The house that Keyes lived in is different -- it's an apartment where neighbors say tenants have moved in and out, but neighbors say they haven't noticed anything irregular at the address.

The state medical examiner has not yet released the results of the autopsy stating cause of death.