Police arrest at least 25 people in NH, Vt. on drug-related and various other charges

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CLAREMONT, N.H. (AP) Police in New Hampshire and Vermont have arrested at least 25 people in connection with the distribution of various drugs, such as fentanyl, methamphetamine and bath salts.

The effort, called "Operation Western Alliance," was to investigate people in New Hampshire distributing illicit drugs. The multi-agency effort involved local, county, state and federal officials.

Most of the people arrested Thursday were from Claremont, New Hampshire, but others were from nearby towns, including Springfield, Vermont. One person was from South Lebanon, Maine.

The charges included possession of a controlled drug, resisting arrest, and various warrants.

Other drugs seized included mushrooms and marijuana.

According to police, those arrested included:

-Lenni Jo Aiken, Claremont, Warrant

-Mark Avery, Enfield, Warrant

-Charles Tatro, Newport, Poss of a Controlled Drug

-Jordan Ebelt, Springfield, Vt., Warrant / Parole Violation / Poss of Controlled Drug

-Jeremy Drewing, Claremont, Warrant / Poss of Controlled Drug

-Daniel Walter, Newport, Warrant

-Charles Libby, South Lebanon, Maine, Warrant

-Amanda Rogers, Springfield, Vt., Warrant

-John Fernandes, Claremont, Warrant / Resisting Arrest

-Thomas Meade, Claremont, Poss of a Controlled Drug

-Teague Hartwell, Newport, Poss of a Controlled Drug / Breach of Bail / OAS

-Lizzy Ball, Newport, Warrant

-Andrew Sprague, Claremont, Stalking/Breach of Bail

-Albert Wood, Claremont, Warrant

-Joulena Hamel, Claremont, Poss.of Controlled Drug /Criminal Mischief/ Disorderly

-Bryan Robie, Claremont, Warrant

-Rayhan Atta, Charlestown, Poss.of Controlled Drugs/Resisting Arrest

-Kaylee Clark, Charlestown, Poss.of Controlled Drugs/Resisting Arrest

-Nick Kemp, Newport, Warrant

-Casey Goodrich, Orford, Hindering Apprehension

-Tyler Litevich, Claremont, Breach of Bail

-Christina Paquette, Claremont, Warrant / Criminal Trespass

-James Perry, Claremont, Criminal Trespass

-Nicole Reed, Claremont, Poss of a Controlled Drug

-David Travis, Claremont, Credit Card Fraud

Police did not provide mug shots of all the suspects.

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