Police arrest wife in connection with Hinesburg homicide

 Angela Auclair
Angela Auclair (WCAX)
Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 7:05 PM EST
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Vermont State Police say the wife of a murdered man in Hinesburg played a role in his death.

Tuesday evening, police announced the arrest of Angela Auclair, 47. Police say the Bristol woman aided in the commission of a felony, first-degree murder, in connection with her husband's shooting death on July 11.

Investigators say there was a coordinated effort to steal the gun used in the killing. And they say Angela Auclair obstructed justice by ordering at least one witness to lie to police.

We've known about Angela Auclair's connection to the murder case since this summer. Our Cat Viglienzoni brings us up to speed on what we know about her alleged involvement so far.

The allegations from state police come as no surprise. That's because Angela Auclair's name appears throughout the paperwork we have from September when her son, Kory Lee George, was arrested on federal gun charges. In it, investigators detail what they say was a coordinated effort to steal the gun that police believe was later used to kill David Auclair.

The allegations in the paperwork start on July 10-- the day before the murder-- at the University Mall. That's where police say David's wife, Angela, and his stepson Kory Lee George met up.

Police say Angela Auclair's boyfriend John Turner was in the area at the same time. From there, police say they split up. Turner and George headed toward a home on Arbor Lane in Colchester. A family friend of the Auclairs lives here. That's where investigators say the 9 mm Beretta used in the shooting was stolen, saying a security camera showed George going into the home with a black bag.

The homeowner wasn't there at the time because he was out to dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant with Angela. Investigators say while they were dining, Turner dropped George off near the home. The mom texted her son to let him know when he would arrive. Police say cellphone records confirmed both Turner and George were also communicating during that time.

The next day, investigators say the stolen gun was used to kill David Auclair at a trailhead in Hinesburg.

But who pulled the trigger the night of July 11 still remains unclear.

While Angela Auclair is charged with aiding in the killing, she is not charged with murder. And as of yet, her son only faces charges for being a felon in possession of a gun.

Angela Auclair is being held without bail. She's due in court Wednesday morning in Burlington.

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