Police bust suspected meth lab in St. George

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ST. GEORGE, Vt. (WCAX) Police say they discovered a meth lab in St. George.

Multiple crews from the state, including a hazmat team, geared up on Monday and searched two trailers and a shed at the St. George Villa Trailer Park on Birch Road.

Investigators say a local trooper got a tip that led them to the lab.

"That can be the case when the person is cooking methamphetamine, and while they are doing that there is a chance it could explode. So, when we initially do these scenes, we are very careful. At this point, we have mitigated any threat like that," Vt. State Police Lt. Hugh O'Donnell said.

Police arrested one man but he was released. So far, investigators aren't releasing his name.

This is the second time police have responded to a meth lab on Birch Road since October. No word yet on whether the same people are involved in this case.