Police examining unlocked iPhone of S. Burlington murder suspect

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SOUTH BURLINNGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Police continue the search for the man they believe killed a South Burlington woman back in May. Now, a search warrant in the case is revealing more details about the accused murderer.

Leroy Headley

On May 3rd, 33-year-old Anako "Annette' Lumumba was shot dead in her South Burlington home. Police say her boyfriend, Leroy Headly, admitted in a call to police just after he shot his girlfriend. But after months of searches and investigation, South Burlington Deputy Chief Shawn Burke says Headley is still at large.

Reporter Ike Bendavid: Is there any belief that he is still alive?
Deputy Chief Shawn Burke: That's how the investigation is continuing right now as if he is still alive.

A few weeks after the death of Lumumba, Headley's car was found in Albany, New York. Police obtained a search warrant and found a handgun, a cell phone, and a note addressed to the two children he had with Lumumba.
South Burlington Police sent the phone to be unlocked by the U.S. Marshals Service.

"Phones now, for good reason, are really secure containers, and obviously we here at South Burlington Police don't possess the expertise to crack open that encryption, and we often have to rely on outside sources to do so," Burke said.

Police now have the phone back are examining Headley's call history, emails, and text messages hoping to find information that reveals his location.

Meanwhile, police say they are continuing to update Lumumba's family. "It's certainly frustrating, and it's really most frustrating for the family of the victim and that's where my sympathy lies in this particular instance," Burke said.

Police couldn't say if the note Headley left for his kids was a suicide note, but even if it is, authorities are still operating under the assumption he's alive.