Police investigating apparent murder-suicide in Barre City

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BARRE CITY, Vt. (WCAX) The Fourth of July turned deadly in Barre City where police are investigating a murder-suicide.

Police say when they got to Long Street Wednesday morning, they heard gunfire. They wouldn't say which house it was happening at on Long Street, but they say two people are dead.

"It's scary but it's not surprising," neighbor Patricia Lucas said. "I mean, there's so much of it going on today that nothing really surprises me anymore."

Residents in this part of Barre City were taken aback after police say a violent domestic violence situation played out Wednesday morning.

As police arrived on the scene, Courtney Gaboriault, 29, stumbled out a home with gunshot wounds. Police moved Gaboriault to a safe location but she died quickly after. When officers went inside the home, they found Gaboriault's ex-boyfriend, Luke Lacroix, 30, dead after shooting himself.

"You're talking about people with lots of emotions involved and there's serious stakes when it comes to the heart," Barre City Deputy Police Chief Larry Eastman said.

Eastman says he hasn't had any past experiences with the apartment in the multi-unit home.

"Not for me personally. The patrol guys go to many different addresses, so I can't speak to them on whether or not anybody's been to this address recently. But it's not familiar to me," Eastman said.

Neighbors say the house has a complicated past.

"It was actually condemned, I believe, and it was uninhabited for a while. And then some people came in and did a really nice job of redoing the whole house, but I don't know who the people are that live there," Lucas said.

Eastman says no one else was at home during the incident and he could not confirm whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Barre City Police are getting assistance from other agencies as they continue their work. The case is still under investigation and police say they will release additional information as it becomes available.