Police probe deadly fires in Woodbury

Published: Nov. 1, 2018 at 6:18 PM EDT
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The investigation continues into two house fires in Washington County. Crews responded to Bliss Road in Woodbury shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday. Human and animal remains were found in each of the burning homes.

There are two homes involved here but it is really just one property. Neighbors told WCAX News the homes involved have a history of trouble. They say they saw cars driving in and out of property frequently and some thought drugs could be involved.

Vermont State Police say the bodies have not yet been identified. They say two bodies and the remains of two dogs were recovered from the homes. Police are still waiting on the cause of death. But Major Crime Unit Commander Capt. Dan Trudeau did confirm the name of the man who rents on the property.

"Offhand, I don't know the name of the guy who owns the house. But the gentleman who owns both of the properties are basically one, even though they have two different 911 numbers. But we do know that David Thompson was a long-term renter there," Trudeau said.

Police say it's been a challenging scene to process due to the fire damage. Officials are also asking the public to come forward with any information.

"Still tracking down some people we wanted to have some conversations with. Our crime scene team is still up there processing the scene along with the fire investigators. That is, as you can imagine, a lengthy process just because of the damage of the fire," Trudeau said.

Police are not calling this a homicide investigation. Trudeau says it appears to be an isolated incident and expects crews to be on scene Friday, as well.