Police: Man who shot at St. Albans officers dead in apparent suicide

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ST. ALBANS CITY, Vt. (WCAX) St. Albans City Police responded to a home on Diamond Street Wednesday morning after, they say, Katherine Cristie was showing signs of hallucinating and paranoia. Police say it was the result of taking an unknown substance.

"It is some type of manmade synthetic amphetamine," St. Albans City Police Chief Gary Taylor said.

But when two officers knocked at the home to check on her, shots were fired through the glass on the door. A bullet barely missed one of the officer's heads. Both had minor injuries from the glass, but neither was shot.

"It's a pretty big operation when your officers get shot at knocking on somebody's door," Taylor said.

Backup was called and Vermont State Police also responded. Officers were able to get the woman out through a back window.

When police entered the house, they found Bruce L. Hill dead after apparently shooting himself.

"This neighborhood has always been very, very quiet up until the last couple years," Tammie Servidas said.

Neighbors say drugs have become an issue in the community.

"The police department is trying to get the people off the street but it all stems back to the court system. The court system will give them get out of jail free cards instead of lodging them," Servidas said.

The police chief says the couple who lived in the house were arrested Tuesday. He says Hill possessed an unknown substance that was tiny, granular and blue. Taylor believes he was a substantial dealer.

Northwestern Medical Center says they have seen two patients in the last week showing an "unusual paranoia." One of them twice, but staffers are unsure if it is drug-related.

Police say tracking Hill down is a sign that they are dealing with drug use in the community.

"We're making progress. The problem didn't start overnight and it's not going to be ended overnight," Taylor said.

"Drugs are very dangerous," Servidas said. "You're messing with the wrong things."

Vermont State Police are handling the investigation. The investigation continues as we wait for the results of an autopsy.

Courtesy: Nichole Marie Raymond