Polls see strong voter turnout in New Hampshire

LEBANON, N.H. (WCAX) Lines formed early at polling places in New Hampshire with eager voters ready to cast their ballots.

Undeclared or independent voters make up the largest voting block in the Granite State. Whoever is successful this Election Day will have to win over those independent voters.

While there is no presidential contest on the ballot, Washington politics will likely influence the races here. As we talked to people at the polls, one word was tossed around a lot: hate. Clearly, voters feel there is a lot of negativity coming out of Washington these days. The question is how much influence that will have on voters here in New Hampshire.

"There is a lot of hate circulating and I don't like that. We need to elect people who will not be filled with hate speech," said Irene Kacandes of Lebanon.

"A lot of turmoil, and a lot of hate and anger and everything. It just doesn't seem like it was when I was growing up," voter Robert Miller said.

Voters we spoke with said they were happy to do their civic duty.

"It is a right that not many people in the world have and we are privileged to by the United States. So, I think it's a privilege that we need to exercise," said Xufeng Pan, a first-time voter.

"It's my right. I always vote. Never missed it since I have been old enough to vote. Because if you don't have your say, you have no reason to complain if you don't like how things are going," said Robert Miller, a Lebanon voter.

The race for governor in New Hampshire is considered a dead heat according to a new UNH poll. If Democrat Molly Kelly unseats the incumbent, Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, it will be a historic upset. An incumbent governor in New Hampshire seeking a second term has only lost the race once in the past 90 years.

History will be made either way in the 1st Congressional district in the Granite State. Voters will either send the state's first African-American congressman to Washington or the first openly gay congressman.