Crowds descend on Manchester ahead of Trump rally

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WCAX) Crowds gathered early in Manchester, New Hampshire, Thursday where President Trump is holding a rally.

Our Adam Sullivan spoke with people lined up outside the SNHU Arena.

He saw a lot of people and a lot of excitement as loyal supporters of the president eagerly waited to see him in person.

At 6 p.m., the line to get in stretched for blocks as people slowly made their way into the arena.

This is Trump's first trip back to New Hampshire since becoming president and 11,000 people are expected to turn out.

Trump's tell-it-like-it-is personality is what many of these supporters say they like best about him.

People we spoke with traveled from all over New England for the rally, and that includes both the young and the old and voters who will soon be casting their ballots for the first time.

"I come from a Republican family, work for what you got. Nothing is free. It is just how I was raised and I think a lot of people were not raised like that or they are not comfortable that they were raised like that maybe," said Rilee Collins of Maine.

"We had eight years of a president who didn't do much for America but we finally have somebody who has some chutzpah to make it happen for us and he is bringing everything back to where we want it to be," said Stewart Peeke of Exeter.

There was also a growing group of protesters out in front of the arena Thursday evening.

Democrats also held press conferences across the state highlighting what they say are Trump's broken promises.

Adam Sullivan caught up with Ray Buckley, the chair New Hampshire's Democratic Party, earlier this week.

"While we were close in 2016, we feel very comfortable that the people of New Hampshire have now really seen that he doesn't tell the truth, he's not an honest person, he doesn't deliver on his promises and he's pretty much been a disappointment as president," Buckley said.

The event is really geared at the 2020 general election. Donald Trump narrowly lost the last election in New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton and it's fair to assume he's hoping events like this will make the difference this time around. Of course, that election is more than a year away and Trump's Democratic opponent has yet to be decided.