Private well in South Burlington has tested positive for PFCs

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The Vermont Air National Guard confirmed the news this weekend and says the toxic chemical was found to be at a level higher than accepted by state guidelines. PFCs--or perfluorinated compounds, are used in firefighting foam and have been linked to cancer and other illnesses.

"A little over a year ago there was determined perflourinated compounds, PFCs on the base here. That kicked off a process, so as part of that process, we began a site investigation in April 2017 here on the base, and then part of that is we determined a well approximate to the base," said Col. David Smith, Commander of the 158th Fighter Wing.

The base is preparing to install a carbon filtration system to remove PFCs. The trace amounts of were found near farmland, however, state agriculture officials say they have not been able to identify any significant health risk.