St. Johnsbury protester tumbles down police station steps during rally

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (WCAX) Students rallied for Black Lives Matter in St. Johnsbury on Wednesday.

About 100 students, mostly from the St. Johnsbury Academy, began their march at the police station in town and headed up Main Street holding signs and chanting "Black Lives Matter." Many people driving by honked their horns in support.

It was a much different story later in the day. Video posted on social media shows a young woman tumble down the steps of the St. Johnsbury Police Department. A group of young people moved to block a police officer from entering the building. An officer pulled one girl out of the doorway and she fell down the steps.

St. Johnsbury Police Chief Tim Page says the officer was trying to move protesters out of the way for the chief to get through and the woman fell down the stairs as she was moved out of the way.

Four protesters were arrested. The chief says no further action is expected to be taken in the incident.

In a statement, Town Manager Chad Whitehead said:

"On behalf of the Town of St Johnsbury, I would like to say that we do not take lightly the events that occurred at our police station today. We have contacted an independent investigator to review the events that unfolded at the police station that involved protesters and the St Johnsbury Police Department. The investigation will provide an unbiased perspective of the events that took place so that we can act appropriately. The Town of St Johnsbury will continue to support those that wish to peacefully protest deplorable acts of violence."