Climate change protesters block roads during rush hour

Published: Sep. 23, 2019 at 5:03 PM EDT
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Protesters blocked Chittenden County roads during rush hour Monday, demanding action on climate change.

Protesters gathered at the Exit 14 on-ramp in South Burlington at 4 p.m., then spent two hours walking up and down Main Street in Burlington blocking traffic in both directions.

Protesters stood in the road for about three minutes each time they stopped in an intersection. They chanted, banged on drums and held up protest signs. One of those signs said, "Sorry for the inconvenience. We are standing up for the future."

Protesters say we have continued to increase our greenhouse gas emissions despite activists raising awareness of the dangers and imminent threats to our health and the environment in the last decade or so. They also accuse politicians of failing to pass sufficient bills on climate change. And they say now is the time to consider what tactics will be most effective in creating systemic change in a relevant time frame.

"We feel that putting a disruption into the system is a way to highlight the abuses of power by the corruptions and governments of the world that are polluting our air, water, and atmosphere," protester Asa Kinder said.

"We're already 30 years too late doing anything about this," protester Monica Filippenko said. "We should have been doing something yesterday, last year, or five years ago."

The protest is part of strike week, a global effort to raise climate change awareness. So you may see protesters out again in the next few days.