Purrier returns to Vermont after setting new American record

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Montgomery, Vermont, native, Richford High School graduate, and now American record holder Elle Purrier has arrived back in Vermont.

She set a new American record in the women's indoor mile last Saturday at the Millrose Games in New York. Our Scott Fleishman caught up with Purrier as she arrived in Burlington Sunday night.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: Elle, you've arrived at the Burlington International airport dozens of times over your career, but coming home tonight and getting the reception that you did, it's got to be pretty special after what you’ve accomplished.

Elle Purrier: It’s definitely really special. I'm really overwhelmed by all of my support. Um, and just seeing all my family members and friends here, it's really special. Um, definitely been a long day, but I'm super happy to be home.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: What's the last week been like for you since breaking this American record?

Elle Purrier: Super high energy. Um, a lot of like things going on, you know, just trying to wrap my head around it. Um, but also trying to focus on my race this weekend and so, um, I was trying to, you know, recover the best I could and just, you know, focus on that. And so, um, I feel like I haven't really fully absorbed it yet. But, um, I’m getting there.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: You smashed this record, you didn't know, you told reporters after the race, you didn't know really what the record was. You weren't obviously going in thinking that way. Have you watched it since?

Elle Purrier: Yeah, a lot of replays I've seen on the internet and stuff, but, um, I was just sticking to the race plan like I was supposed to, you know, get in second or third and hang on until the end and, you know, finish as hard as I go for the last lap. And I think I executed pretty well.

Reporter Scott Fleishman: Here for a week, then it's home, back home to Boston, your home away from home now and getting ready for the outdoor season where we’ve got some big dates on the calendar to circle.

Elle Purrier: Yeah, I'm excited for outdoors.