RV owners help health care workers protect their families

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 3:21 PM EDT
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Medical workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic face huge risks every day, and for many, there is the added danger of potentially bringing the virus home to their families. Now, there's a nationwide effort to give those health care workers a safe space.

Christy Deike is a rodeo vendor in Texas. Her TV gives her a sense of adventure.

But the coronavirus gave her a sense of a purpose. She's lending her 30-foot trailer to a health care worker through the Facebook group RVs 4 MDs.

"It's not just for medical doctors, it's for nurses, it's for people on the frontlines with this," said Holly Haggard, one of the group's founders.

Those workers on the frontlines worry about infecting their families. An RV gives them a home away from home, which is what Hayley Ermer needs. Ermer is an ICU nurse in Illinois. Her father is a Vietnam vet.

"My dad has stage IV lung cancer due to Agent Orange. My biggest concern is bringing something back home," Ermer said.

The Facebook group already has 22,000 members and counting, with administrators helping to match up donors and recipients.

Woody Faircloth ran a similar effort in California to house families left homeless by the wildfires.

"I just thought we could apply this model that we used in California for housing here, so doctors have a place to stay without putting their families at risk," Faircloth said.

The program is bringing relief both to medical workers and donors.

"I really want to be a part of helping and this was the way I determined that I could do it," said Julia Schmitz, a participant.

"It answered a prayer for me as far as being able to help in some manner," Deike said.

As the nation comes together to fight the pandemic, many are finding that generosity can be contagious.

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