Rare identical triplets home from hospital

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CBS) From a family of three to a family of six.

"We didn't think it was that big a deal initially," dad Caleb Choge said.

The Choge family is grateful to be taking home three healthy identical bundles of joy. The triplets-- Ron, Elkana and Albishai-- were born minutes apart at Truman Medical Center and were six weeks premature.

"Our little Ron here is a little smaller so we know him by size but the others we know them only by their wristbands," Caleb said.

"Really no complications in the mom's pregnancy or in the deliver other than some problems with prematurity," said Dr. Joshua Petrikin of Truman Medical Center.

Petrikin is the medical director of the NICU.

"Triplets by themselves are rare. Something along the line of 1 in 9000 or so. But identical triplets is very rare," he said.

Some estimates show they occur just once in 20 million-30 million births.

The Choge triplets have a 2-year-old brother who already knows their names.

"He's taking this all really well," mom Nicole said. "He gets a little sad when we go to the baby doctor but I think he's excited."

And while any parents can get overwhelmed caring for new babies, Caleb said, "I think great things are possible... It seems like a mountain now but as you pass it's just a little anthill."

The family of six is ready to settle in. Now, they are looking for a bigger vehicle that will fit everyone.