Rash of snowmobile thefts in Vermont

Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 10:35 PM EST
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That sinking feeling none of us want to experience -- multiple homes and businesses trying to get their stuff back from thieves.

Over the last couple of weeks -- snowmobiles, trailers, and a boat were stolen from at least four businesses in Chittenden and Franklin Counties.

Bolton, Essex, Williston, Milton, and Swanton also got hit. Even though police are not saying if these are all connected the people impacted in these towns are working together.

"There's a lot of eyes out there," said Michael Seguin, of Bolton.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of gear stolen from front yards and businesses.

"If somebody wants it badly enough, they will usually find a way to get it," said Brad Erling.

Erling says thefts at Land Air in Essex Junction are rare so returning to work after the holidays came with a nasty shock -- two snowmobiles driven off his lot.

"Everybody in the industry knows someone who's been affected by it," said Erling.

Over the last month snowmobiles, trailers, and a boat disappeared around Chittenden and Franklin County.

Channel 3 discovered multiple businesses like Land Air, Tim's Cycle in Milton, Boathouse Headquarters in Swanton, and Vermont Home and Marine in Williston -- were all hit.

"It's a bad trend it seems," said Seguin.

And it's not just businesses -- people are being targeted too.

"I literally pulled into my driveway and sat there and tried to process why I don't see my snowmobile trailer," said Seguin.

Thursday afternoon Michael Sequin of Bolton learned a truck backed into his drive way, hitched up his trailer, and drove off.

Inside was his newly purchased snowmobile.

“We work hard for our toys and we enjoy using them. It's just a horrible feeling to have them taken from us and it's just very disheartening all around," said Seguin.

Now, members of the snowmobiling community like Michael Sequin are working together to find who did it. Posting on Facebook, looking for leads, and checking posts online.

“Everybody is lock-down mode now trying to make sure it doesn't happen again," said Seguin.

Here's what Seguing says he you can do:

-Put a lock on your trailer hitch.

-Keep the keys with you and make sure your stuff is kept in a well-lit area.