Record-breaking wind gusts recorded on Mount Washington

Published: Feb. 26, 2019 at 8:08 AM EST
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Monday's winter storm was one for the record books on New Hampshire's Mount Washington, where forecasters recorded the highest wind gust for the month of February -- 170 mph.

"We've now hit a peak gust of 171 miles per hour," said Tod Padham, a meteorologist at the Mt. Washington Observatory.

The previous February record for a wind gust was a 1972 measurement of 166 mph.

This is also the strongest wind recorded here in any month since 1985.

"Oh yeah! My coffee mug was actually rattling on the table just from the vibration of the building here. The windows were kind of flexing back and forth from the pressure changes with the wind," said Padham.

Forecasters are still safe up there because the observatory can handle wind gusts of up to 300 mph.

A 231-mph gust on the 6,288-foot mountain in 1934 remains the highest wind speed ever observed by man.

Yesterday's completed Hays Chart, with a gust of 171 mph reaching a new all-time peak for the month of February! Winds averaged 110 mph over the day, with the highest 1-hour average of 138 mph.

Posted by Mount Washington Observatory on Tuesday, February 26, 2019