Recounts to begin for 3 Vermont races

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Three races in Vermont are headed for a recount.

County clerks and court-approved volunteers will gather this week to count votes for Addison County state's attorney, Franklin County probate judge and Grand Isle-Chittenden state representative.

Candidates in county-level races can request a recount if only 2 percent of votes separate them. Candidates for state representative can request a recount if that margin is 5 percent.

"The chances are pretty slim. The Addison County one is closer so that one has some potential. But usually, the ballots are counted pretty accurately. Scanners don't make mistakes usually. What usually happens is it pretty much comes down to human error," said Jim Condos, D-Vt. Secretary of State.

Condos says all three recounts should be done this week and he expects the results to stay the same.

In the state's attorney's race, incumbent Democrat Dennis Wygmans was ahead of independent Peter Bevere by 10 votes.

Republican Vaughn Comeau finished 256 votes ahead of Democrat Robert Farrar in the probate judge race.

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Ben Joseph requested a recount in the four-way Grand Isle-Chittenden race, where Republican Leland Morgan is leading for the second seat.