Rep. Welch hosts impeachment town hall in Montpelier

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont Congressman Peter Welch is doubling down on his support for impeaching President Donald Trump.

Rep. Peter Welch-File photo

At a town hall Monday night, Welch said he was reluctant to announce he wants to remove Trump from office because he wanted to respect the results of the 2016 election. He said, throughout the course of Trump’s presidency, he changed his mind based on what he considers a failure to honor the oath of office. Welch is accusing President Trump of trying to derail the Mueller investigation, disregarding Congress, and failing to protect and defend the Constitution.

"I’ve become increasingly alarmed that the guardrails of our democracy are under attack," said Welch, D-Vermont. "The president is completely unwilling to respond to congressional subpoenas to produce witnesses or respond to congressional requests for documents."

Welch also took questions from the crowd and heard what they think about impeachment.

"I don’t think it’s just Trump, I think Pence needs to go, too," one woman said.

Another woman called the president "the most significant threat to our democracy."

"Making alliances with Russia and North Korea autocrats, being a racist, mocking the disabled, disbanding bonds we’ve formed with other world countries," she said. "No morals, no ethics."

Others said they would rather Trump be voted out of office in 2020 than be impeached.

One woman said she thinks the Republican-controlled Senate would not vote to impeach him, therefore, she said, it’s not worth the fight. One man agreed to say impeachment proceedings would be a distraction from the election and Democrats should focus on winning in 2020, not impeaching.

Not everyone in the crowd supported impeachment. One man asked him what type of evidence he plans to submit to prove President Trump has committed a crime. He praised Trump saying he is protecting our country and supporting our military.

Another big talker was the detention camps along the southern border.

Welch admitted there is a crisis at the border but said, "Knocking on our door and asking for help is not a crime."

Despite some pushback, Welch reiterated his impeachment stance and vowed to hold the White House accountable for what he calls an unrelenting assault on the pillars and guardrails of our democracy.