Repair shop reacts to accusations it falsified repair work in crashed limo

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (WCAX) A repair shop accused of falsifying brake work on a limo that later crashed, killing 20 people, says the allegations are a diversionary tactic by the person who is really at fault.

A former repair shop manager for Mavis Discount Tire claims a new brake part was ordered but was not installed during the inspection of the Ford Excursion. Five months later, the SUV blew through an intersection and crashed.

The operator of the limousine company, Nauman Hussain, is charged with 20 counts each of criminally negligent homicide and second-degree manslaughter. He's calling for the charges to be dropped after the reports of bad brake work.

Prosecutors allege Hussain allowed an improperly licensed driver to operate an "unserviceable" vehicle.

And we now we are hearing from the repair shop. A spokesperson for Mavis Discount Tire says many of the statements from the former manager and Hussain's attorney are inaccurate or misleading. They said, in a statement: "Mr. Hussain and his criminal defense lawyers are attempting to falsely attack Mavis in a desperate diversion tactic to shift responsibility away from Mr. Hussain, where it solely belongs. The vehicle in question traveled more than a thousand miles over several months since it was serviced at Mavis. During that time, Mr. Hussain, according to the District Attorney's Office and the New York State Police, committed serious crimes by, among other things, defying an order to take the vehicle out of service."