Report: Snow ranger heard skier moaning after avalanche

MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H. (AP) A report says a snow ranger who worked to dig a skier out of an avalanche on Mount Washington heard him moaning from beneath the snow and eventually determined he was in a seated position with his lower legs and feet buried about 6 feet down.

The Mount Washington Avalanche Center in New Hampshire released its report Monday on efforts to save Nicholas Benedix, 32, of Campton, New Hampshire, on April 11. It said the ranger cleared snow from Benedix's face and freed an arm. Digging also was hindered by an ice block, the need to keep snow from collapsing along the edge of the hole, and a branch near Benedix's legs.

Rangers freed Benedix and administered CPR. He was brought to a helicopter, but despite advanced life support measures, he died.

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