Report raises questions about safety of Allegiant Air

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) Sunday, CBS's "60 Minutes" aired a story on their seven-month investigation into Allegiant Air's safety records. Since that story aired, the airline has come under fire.

Allegiant flies out of the Plattsburgh International Airport. Our Kelly O'Brien went there to see what the investigation means for the North Country.

"There isn't anything really that I heard last night on that segment that I haven't heard before," Plattsburgh International Airport Manager Chris Kreig said.

In Sunday's episode of "60 Minutes," CBS Correspondent Steve Kroft shared his extensive investigation into the Las Vegas-based low-budget airline Allegiant Air.

The report referenced an "alarming number of aborted takeoffs, loss of cabin pressure, smoke and fumes in the cabin, unscheduled landings and engine failures."

Allegiant Air has landed at Plattsburgh International Airport since 2007. It offers direct flights to four destinations in Florida.

"Our goal, our priority is the safety and security of the traveling public and we're doing our part to ensure we do that on our end," Kreig said.

Allegiant has made at least one emergency landing in Plattsburgh. In 2013, crew members reported a mechanical problem.

"Quite unnerving, yeah. Especially since we had to fly around for about 45 minutes to burn off the fuel and it was a bumpy ride. We just wanted to get our feet back on the ground," passenger Ken Naef told WCAX News after the incident.

All those passengers made it safely to Florida.

Monday morning, there were flights in and out on Allegiant from the Plattsburgh airport. Despite the "60 Minutes" expose, passengers we spoke with weren't concerned.

"I think they follow the rules," passenger Guy Boulais said.

Boulais is from Montreal but when he needs to fly, he comes to Plattsburgh and chooses Allegiant. As someone who flies with the airline up to six times a year, Boulais says he's seen first-hand crews checking the plane inside and out before takeoff.

"They inspect if the belt is tight and all that. They walk a few times across the airplane to see if everything's OK," he said.

Kreig says there are Allegiant representatives at the Plattsburgh airport to talk to any passengers who have concerns.