Reports of exploding sunroofs on the rise

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NEW YORK (CBS) Last year, Laura Lesniewski told us how her sunroof shattered while she was driving down the highway with her three kids.

"It sounded like there was a bomb inside my car that had gone off," she said. "It was so loud."

A new Consumer Reports investigation finds the problem is more common than first thought. According to the group, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has received at least 859 complaints of shattered sunroofs since 1995.

"Thankfully, there have only been minor injuries so far," said David Friedman of Consumers Union, a division of Consumer Reports.

Friedman says most of the complaints have come in the past few years.

"This is a problem that exists among many automakers, among many models," he said. "They're really expensive to fix and car companies are refusing in many cases to cover the cost for consumers."

The chance of a sunroof exploding is still relatively low but experts say the problem has increased as sunroofs have grown in size.

Consumer Reports found many complaints involve panoramic sunroofs, which cover the entire roof. Plus, sunroofs are often made with tempered glass, not laminated glass.

"The glass in these sunroofs is not what's being used... in your windshield, where if a rock hits it, it doesn't shatter," Friedman said.

Hyundai leads the list of vehicles with complaints. Several cars have been recalled, including one Hyundai, to fix shattering issues. But experts believe more needs to be done to make sure vehicles are safe.